AMC /Artist Management Connections
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            Richard Lee Watson  
        AMC President /  Producer
      Artist Production Management
      Michale Anthony Watson
         Business Coordinator 
        Sports & Entertainment 
Interested in learning more about us ?
AMC / Artist Management Connections  is a family-owned business in New York, and  Florida. 
 Our recordings and productions are produced by Buddy Hyatt ( Music City Tracks ) in Nashville Tennessee along 
with our team of  top industry associates ,and professional staff at the finest  studios available .

 We treat every artist as if they were a part of our family.
Other companies may offer similar services, but our company offers the best . 
Songwriters  Grammy Award from
major publishing companies, licensing firms,  professional video crews , 
A-Team studio musicians,  top engineering staff ,vocal coaches, and live concert productions for your special events .

             Buddy Hyatt
  Producer &  Music Director
        Singer /Songwriter
            Lori Novak 
   AMC Vice President          Sports & Entertainment
           Lew Kovit
  Talent Administration  
     South  Flordia 
  Shannon Kay Watson
   Master Coordinator
      Hair & Makeup

        Sue  Hussey
Talent Administration
        State of  Maine
                    Sherri Justice
            Country Music Journalist 
     The Beauty of Music Productions
  Dorothy Collins
Talent Administration

      David  Broadhurst
              "Gator "
     Talent Administration
   Pearl  River, New York

LaShawn Townsend Tuttle.
Talent Administration
     State of Alabama  
  Sherick Powell
Talent Administration
  St.Louis Mo.
       Chops Turner
 Talent Administration 
    New Bedford, Ma