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ABA Sports  News Update
Congrats !! 
Mr Michale Watson

January 16 at 7:06pm · 
South Florida Gold's happy to announce Michale Watson being appointed Executive Vice President of the American Basketball Association.

Joe Newman of the ABA has announced Michale Watson as Vice President of the ABA.

At the league level, I set as objectives this year
several things. A national TV contract, new national licenses, a major China initiative and revenue sharing with teams as a result of these things if accomplished. Much of my time has been working on these four things, and I am please we have made significant progress on all four. I have been working closely with Michale Watson, South Florida GOLD, and Don Sanchez to help move these initiatives forward. Today, I am naming Mike as Executive VP of the ABA (Don's already VP), whose responsibilities will include completing and organizating the TV, the new national licenses, working with Don on China, and structuring the revenue sharing.

A little about Mike..
From 1984-88, he served on the nuclear aircraft carrior Nimitz CVN68. He studied aviation, tactical battle and boundry takeover of enemy territories, and worked directly with President Reagan and Secy of Defense Casper Weinberger. His career includes American Residential Marketing, Inc, a company that bought and sold over 1000 properties with a market value of $100 millin dollars, has owned Michale Anthony's Italian Steakhouse and A & B Grill as well as a professional hockey team in Orlando FL.
In 2008, he entered the mining industry and has focused on exploration, acquisition, development and exploitation of medium-sized mining projects in Mali and Sierra Leone.

He is deeply involved in humanitarian projects, giving back to the less fortunate children of Africa by assisting eforts to improve the schools and education systems there as well as feeding those in need and building new roads in Afrixca. He currently owns 4 orphanages in Bo, Sierra Leone. His adopted African son manages the orphanages there. Recently, he created the South Florida Gold Sports Academy to give back to youth and has raised awareness and money for over 30 charities in South Florida. "Joe, I am honored to accept the role of EVP of the ABA and will do what is necessary to create the atmosphere of professionalis....I look forward to bringing the media and sponsorship to the league and the teams in the future...thanks for the opportunity of creating something great."

The ABA is the largest professional sports league in the US,
the most diversified professional sports league ever. We have taken great strides this year to upgrade the entire league with our ABA Standards & Requirements and ABA Code of Conduct. And now that we have done these things, we must focus on the financial side of the ABA - generating the awareness our league deserves and the revenue our league deserves. I've placed a lot of responsibility on Mike to help accomplish these things. We are long overdue...the pressure is on. And I know that he is up to the challenge!